photography by    Anaka

photography by Anaka

Qiddist Ashe

Qiddist is a liberatory educator of young minds, a facilitator of racial justice and liberation work, a birth doula, and a practitioner of herbal ancestral wisdom. She believes deeply that it is our destiny as people of color to liberate and be liberated, and she pursues this through her work of sharing physical, emotional and spiritual healing practices with her Beloved communities. She believes that we all have the capacity to become our own healers, and is passionate about working in relationship with community to elevate our collective capacities to heal.

Olivia Ashe

Olivia is a theologian, DJ and pastor. Her work in all of these realms is framed by her deep belief that we are beings that are deeply interconnected by a spirit who is most concerned with our collective liberation. Olivia uses the study of theology to uncover the divinity within herself and others, her DJ practice as method for healing through movement and her pastoral/spiritual care work to walk alongside others in this pursuit for liberation. 

Together we started Ashe Living, a collection of our community offerings and practices we wish to share with the vision of our collective healing and liberation. We strive to align ourselves with our values of liberation, collective healing, interdependence, and embodied learning. Our chosen family name, “Ashe,” is derived from the Yoruba word àse. A praise word often translated as “amen,” it is a word of manifestation meaning “it shall be so.” The concept of Ashe represents a connection to Spirit and the power to affect change. It is with this belief that we affirm Blackness, queerness, the power of our ancestors, and the pursuit of our collective liberation.

With love & in solidarity,

Qiddist & Olivia