We Went to Wakandacon!

We went to Wakandacon this year to share our practice of ecstatic dance, and we wanted to share this video from Vice news that captured some highlights of the weekend! Peep some of our glorious dancers dancing to the rhythms of Wakanda. :)

Our dances always center Black musical artists from across the diaspora, and we are intentional about creating opportunities to commune with our Divine Ancestors through this ritual. This dance was particularly special as we moved, jumped, laughed and cried with our Wakanda family, daring to imagine a liberated Black world.

Be on the look out for more dance rituals coming up!

Interested in bringing us to your city? Email us at qiddist@asheservices.com

Onwards toward our collective healing and liberation,

Q &O

Community-Centered Reporting on Black Birth Features Ashe Doula Services!

Black maternal health has risen to national news in recent years, with talk of doulas, the disparities in maternal and infant outcomes, and stories of celebrities being mistreated and navigating health challenges in pregnancy. However, it is not often that our public conversations about Black birth are covered in a community-oriented way that highlights the power of Black birthers and the communities that are supporting them to navigate this journey in health and with agency. We are SO grateful to the City Bureau team of reporters in Chicago and Austin Weekly News for doing the deep work to publish this excellent issue, and honored to have Qiddist be featured as one of the birthworkers! Check out the digital issue on Black Maternal Health— there’s so much here to learn, honor and celebrate!

With love,

Qiddist & Olivia

A Healing Steam Ritual for the "New" Year

A Healing Steam Ritual for the "New" Year

What does a “new” year really signify, if it’s just a cosmically arbitrary, created marker of a linear understanding of time? We look to the stars and the seasons for cycles of movement. We reach into the past to call on the power of our ancestors, and draw from the creative well of future ancestors to manifest our dreams. Where does the start of 2019 fit in? These are the conversations in our home as we move into January 1. Despite its astronomical insignificance, we appreciate all opportunities that call us into ritual, and the marking of a new year does just that. It is an opportunity to pause, reflect, vision, and set intentions.