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Providing ancestrally-rooted, evidence-based birth and postpartum care to support your unique journey. We are birthing revolutions.

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Our mission: Ashe Doula Services is committed to providing deeply relational support in the childbearing year that both honors ancestral wisdom and uses evidence-based practices, and to especially make this vital support culturally responsive and accessible to Black communities as an important part our collective healing.


Birth Doula Services

Birth is a transformative journey, and it is my joy to be your trusted guide along the way. I provide informational, emotional, physical and spiritual support throughout the pregnancy, as well as continuous presence and support throughout the labor and birth. Through tools such as movement and positions, breathing, acupressure, comfort massage, guided meditations and fear releasing, I am there for you and your loved ones to feel confident and supported in your birth.


PostPartum Doula Services

The time after your baby arrives is sacred and can be filled with many ups and downs. My postpartum offerings center on your needs as you navigate this new chapter in your life. I can assist with feeding, sleeping, and household chores, as well as provide resources for nutrition, herbal healing, emotional support, placenta encapsulation and postpartum belly binding.

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About me and my work

I believe that birth is a revolutionary act, and that when treated as such, it has the power to create empowered, conscious communities. All communities, particularly communities of color, hold deep ancestral wisdom on how to birth.


Fertility and Preconception Doula Services

I provide informational, emotional and physical support through the journey of optimizing your fertility, whether you are working on healing your PCOS or wanting to prepare for conception. By helping you understand what is happening in your body, helping you navigate and find supportive providers, and providing holistic tools to support your health and wellness, I support you in finding health and healing in your body.