Herbal & Nutritional Support


Herbal Consultation offerings (60 minutes)

Are you ready to take the next step in addressing your holistic health? In an initial consultation, we will go through a comprehensive exploration of your health and wellness goals, challenges, and experiences. We will cover nutrition, lifestyle, your body systems and any medications or supplements you are currently using. We may also explore any spiritual, mental and emotional experiences that may be a part of your journey.

After our consultation, Qiddist will offer questions, ideas and insights into the patterns existing in your body, and will make recommendations for foods, herbs, and supplements that may support balance and healing. Qiddist loves working with people long-term to witness the changes that happen across weeks and months, and is available for additional support over time with accountability to lifestyle changes, meal plans, spiritual and emotional encouragement, and herbal adjustments.

Qiddist is able to formulate many remedies for you, and will also help identify outside resources if they are desired. Consultations are offered on a sliding scale of $45-$65* for an initial hour consultation. This does not cover the price of herbal remedies, though Qiddist is committed to working with you to find support that fits your budget.

If this is not financially feasible, barter/trade agreements are also possible. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you are looking for services. We all deserve support in our holistic wellness!