Ritual Offerings

We believe rituals are an important part of healing and community. We need ceremonies to celebrate, to mourn, to move, to reflect, to express our gratitude and our questions. Rituals connect us to our ancestors and move us with intention into new futures. Rituals are an expression of our full humanity and divinity.


Healing Through Movement with ecstatic dance

As people of color, it is rare that we are freely able to take up space, be in relationship with our bodies, and express ourselves fully without fear. We offer movement meditation workshops in the form of ecstatic dance, a facilitated free-form movement designed to intentionally take you through stages of movement and expression.

photography by  Anaka

photography by Anaka

Marriages and Partnerships

Looking for a different type of marriage or love ceremony? Do you want to celebrate in a way that is liberating, ancestral, queer affirming, or just full of Black Joy? Olivia and Qiddist are ordained and able to legally marry people and center the cultural and spiritual practices that make for an authentic celebration of your love.


Birth-Related Ceremonies

Birth is full of transformations, and rituals can be an important part of your healing journey as you enter into this new season in life. We can work with you to create a ceremony that fits your wants and needs around birth, whether it is a birther blessing ceremony in place of a baby shower, a sealing ceremony postpartum, or a welcoming ritual for your child.